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    How many rewards can i provide?

    For the free pilot period you can submit up to 5 different campaigns

    Campaign x How many Coupon Codes you want to provide.

    Best Practice : 5 Product Bundles x 10 Coupon Codes Per Bundle 

    What percentage of discount should my offer have?

    How much your offer will be it is your decision absolutely, try to have unique and amazing attractive offers for the players.

    How my campaign card is look like in game?

    You will have to send us your logo in your best possible resolution 256px x 256px +

    Your Promo Banner 860px x 680px or 1,720px x 1,360px

    In formats jpg, png

    How winners redeem rewards?

    For the pilot period, the winners will be redirected from the reward card to your online store to enter the coupon code you will provide by the expiration date.