Increase Your Brand Awareness With AR Games

Reward users and players through games.

Create AR Campaigns with few simple steps

With Snap Up Pro Account Dashboard you can easily create AR campaigns and reward our players and consumers through Snap Up AR Games with your’s brand unique offers, coupon codes, gifts and more.

  • Increased user retention
  • Get higher conversion rate
  • Can be part of your marketing strategy
  • Reward customers with discounted products
  • Promote your brand using the latest AR technology

Promote Your Brand

No matter the size of your business, you will be able to benefit from signing up with Snapup Pro Services, This is because games & gamification services keep the Daily Active User (DAU) engaged for much longer throughout a AR gamification campaigns.

“Many reports and success stories show that marketing campaigns that introduced a Game had 2 to 3 times greater results, than those without.”

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